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Slime Cup 2016

This spring, we teamed up with Nickelodeon International to produce their biennial event, Slime Cup. Hosted this year by Gameshakers star Kel Mitchell, Slime Cup is an international competition that pits teams of Nickelodeon stars against each other in slime filled games and obstacle courses. We shot for two days in Los Angeles with 17 Nickelodeon stars to capture over 140 minutes of content for the games. We created huge inflatable obstacle courses, plus inflatable games such as the Gladiator Joust, Wrecking Ball and Human Soccer Ball, and had over 3000 gallons of slime on site. It was a fun-filled weekend of sun and slime and everybody had a great time!

Our whole crew totally rocked and we can’t thank any of them enough for coming along and giving it their all on this awesome project. Special shout outs to our amazing Director Ric Serena, who was lightning fast while still making everything look awesome; our Production Designer, Chris Giammalvo, who created all of the custom obstacles and games and made our “Slime Arena” everything we wanted it to be; our AD team headed by Jason Lombardo; and our stellar Production team helmed by Tina Pavlides, and including Jen Santos, Stephen Cashmere and Jordan Wapner, who were the glue that kept this whole thing together. Great work everyone!

Slime Cup

Slime Cup Crew