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Shout Out!


It’s pretty impossible to sum up the awesome Andy Novak in just a couple of paragraphs but we will give it a try!

Andy is a LA-based Production Manager/Supervisor/Associate Producer/Coordinator…you get the point: this guy can do anything! We have been lucky enough to know Andy since we all went to college together back in Boston, but he left us (and the East Coast) for warmer weather after college and has been working his butt off in LA ever since!

This past year Andy has worked on so many things with us.  Most recently, he Production and Post Supervised the web series, Little Women Big Cars 2, that we produced for Vuguru/AOL.  He also Production Managed the NickMom pilot, Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, PM’d a round of our Book of Mom spots for NickMom, and Post-Supervised Playdate for us—all this year! Andy is an amazing asset to our productions– he is incredibly detail oriented and he always keeps a level head to balance out our sometimes (ok, often) spinning ones! He’s also hilarious, so much fun to be around, and makes everybody on our crew feel welcome and part of the team.

Andy is married to his beautiful and talented wife, Nora, and they recently bought their first home.. that has a pool.. that we keep being promised we will be able to swim in.. ahem, ANDY!!!!