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Shout Out!

We love the people we work with! In order to show our appreciation for the amazing people that work on our projects, we want to give a shout out to one individual super star each month that constantly reminds us how lucky we are to work in this industry.
Shout Out to…. TINA PAVLIDES!
Tina is a Los Angeles based Line Producer who has been working with us since February of 2012. And boy, does this girl WORK! In the last year with us, Tina has LP’ed Playdate, 18 episodes of NickMom Night Out, Little Mommy: Dr. Mommy, Readings from the Book of Mom and Little Women, Big Cars 2. Tina is a fiercely dedicated worker with a heart of gold and has been the glue holding our productions together. She prides herself in putting together top notch crews, running a smooth and efficient set, and, most importantly, making sure the numbers are always where they need to be! We thank her for her overwhelming support & dedication and for keeping us on budget always!
In her spare time, Tina loves going to the beach, eating seafood, indoor skydiving at the Citywalk and hosting parties for her friends. Little known fact: Tina LOVES to surf, but she can’t ‘officially’ swim! That’s a girl who’s not afraid!